Onboarding for White Glove Therapists

Good things take time is an old phrase. Sanhita Baruah added that while good things take time, great things take a little longer.  Her wise quote holds true in many instances. Yet we are proud to say that this is not the case when reflecting the onboarding process with White Glove Early Intervention program.

White Glove therapists find their job to be rewarding, well paying, accommodating and smooth. Forming the connection with children is exhilarating and seeing them progress is the constant pat on the back we need. Many therapists find Per Diem therapy to be like opening your own practice. You are the boss of your calendar, your preferences and desired work location. The key difference is that you enjoy the benefits of working independently, headache – free. White Glove handles all technicalities, including matching you to patients, your payroll and billing, and general support.  

As to joining the greatness? That’s a touch and go process.

How to get started:

  • You can either kickoff by browsing by location for the job you are looking for and submit your resume throughout our website or reach out via email or phone.
  • A dedicated recruiter will reach out to guide you through the on-boarding process.
  • You will receive an email with an application to complete, with the list of required documents.
  • As soon as we get that information over – we are ready to schedule you for a virtual one-hour orientation to review the general protocol focusing mainly on documentation.
  • Bingo! We set up your patient load based on your preferences, usually this will happen less than one week from your initial outreach.

Ease into your own therapy practice by completing this form, reaching out via email. Or if you’d love to browse by location first. Click here.

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