Be Your Own Boss

How Therapists Become Their Own Boss: AKA a Per diem White Glove Therapist

 A rough 5 to every 8 Americans dream of having their own business. More than the wishful fairy of becoming the next Bezos of Disney, 2022 finds a generation where flexibility at work matters more than ever. In a Survey Conducted by Fortune nearly 95% of participants said they wanted an adjustable work schedule in their job. White Glove identified that more than 80% of our per diem therapists feel like they literally have their own practice.

Becoming Your own boss at White Glove

Establishing your ground takes no more than two weeks. It is as easy as contacting our White Glove Therapy Coaches here where they will guide through our onboarding process. We offer a free brief and informative virtual training course with all the details and protocols you need to know to be successful at homecare per diem therapy.

Now, you are active and ready to begin your per diem therapy on the go practice!

What You Need to Do

Sign up and give us your availability

What We Do

Just about everything so you can forget the headache

What Per diem Therapists Love About It

Work on Your Terms

Per diem Therapy knows no commitment. At any time, you can decide to devote more or less hours and have us adjust your schedule accordingly. Therapists can easily hold down another stationary job in a different setting while giving some time in the more friendly and relaxed homecare environment.

Complete Flexibility

The how, the where, and the when is all up to both, you, yourself and your mirror image.

We Support Your Scheduling

You need not worry about the hassle of getting matched up to cases. We schedule those assignments for you exactly per preference. How it feels? You have a free secretary always at your service so your practice can continue running smoothly.

We Handle Your Billing

Therapists working with homecare cases privately constantly worry about the billing aspect to ensure the money they work for is money that really gets to their pocket. Our White Glove billing department will handle the full billing process for you from A-Z, while you will continue to enjoy weekly pay and direct deposit if you please.

Your Assigned Staffing Coordinator is Always Here to Help

Do you need any further assistance or support? Our staffing coordinators only goal is to make your experience par excellence. Feel free to reach out at any hour without hesitation. 

Enjoy Extra Perks with Us

The White Glove Experience is bubble wrapped, gift boxed, and finished in a gold bow. While you are at it, enjoy the amazing perks of being part of a great team resembling a family. You can also take advantage of the outstanding discounts with Tickets at Work for attractions, theme parks, movie tickets and more. By recommending your friends to the White Glove all-inclusive experience, you are eligible to receive remarkable referral bonuses.

Join the White Glove Experience

No need to go scratching for high maintenance employment while you can become your own boss by clicking this button.

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Be Your Own Boss

How Therapists Become Their Own Boss: AKA a Per diem White Glove Therapist  A rough 5 to every 8 Americans dream of having their own

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