All Services Under 1 Roof

Clarity and transparency are the thumb, and the finger pointer families are searching for when they combat a medical saga. Besides for whatever is on their plate, there is plenty to learn. Getting services approved, constant MD appointments, hands-on caregiving, and no forgetting – the medical jargon families got to adapt to!

Then there is just plain handling life while keeping your head above the water through constant new waves coming, currents unpredictable. 

White Glove High Priority Goal

 We work hard to support families with the services they need with a million watt focus on predictability, transparency, and consistency. That is what they are lacking most, that is what they need most. Hundreds of White Glove patients say that White Glove is not only an agency, but we are also family to them.

😢A Common Struggle

 Whether you have an aging parent, a child or sibling with behavioral health issues, or a family member with an acute disease, the chances are that you will need more than one avenue of service. If you are approved for Private Duty Nursing, you may want to have a family member care for your patient for partial shifts. Sick children may need early intervention services as well as homecare services, often coupled with school nursing as well. Communication with multiple providers or agencies becomes a confusing challenge.

😀 One Number; all services!

 White Glove is here to support families in need of multiple services all under one roof. We keep on expanding to simplify the process plus communication for more patients. No more jigsaw puzzles working with conflicting schedules. No more stress. It is one number.

Mother of Mariam K.  

“It was a bombshell when my firstborn daughter was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy coupled with developmental delays. She was beautiful and perfect, except that she was not. Of course, there were various other complications that would come up that we did not even know at that time.  It was Mount Everest to climb before we got our princess home. Weeks sort of looked like a jumble of days as we kept on taking the too – familiar route to and from the hospital for many weeks that ended up being months. Progress was a lot slower than the doctors initially anticipated.

 Finally, we welcomed Mariam to our humble abode which respectively resembled a hospital room. I felt we were turning a page. I remember telling my mom that “I am glad this is all behind us.”, though I knew in my heart of hearts that our real journey was about to start. 

My shout out to White Glove for the outstanding nursing services you established less than a few weeks after we came home. They were so on top of it to be accommodating with our ever-ending questions to ensure we are comfortable. Credits to our devoted nurses who were there for nearly 24 hours a day.  I am pretty sure this was what enabled us to keep afloat throughout the initial period of Mariam’s homecoming.

 It was a few weeks after we settled in with Private Duty Nursing, that my sister relocated to Brooklyn, to the same neighborhood where we were living. When I paid her a visit, and we chatted somewhat about how the move is coming along, our conversation drifted to my sister saying that she is looking for a new job closer to home.

 I vaguely recalled there was a program enabling family members to care for their loved ones. So, I asked her if she would be interested in the idea, should logistics work, of caring for Mariam for several shifts a week. She liked it.

 The next day, our White Glove coordinator gave us a full informative run-down on how we can move over partial shifts to the CD pap program. We would have my sister work with Mariam during the day, while keeping the nursing services intact for the night. Blessed be my White Glove Coordinator, Jennifer, for doing the legwork through the insurance to seamlessly transition to the new arrangement.

 That was not all. For months, we took Mariam out for frequent and exhausting therapy visits. It was draining. Mariam was always cranky, and much as I tried to keep chirpy on those mornings – it was a killer for the day. I was working full time, you see, and that was challenging enough as is.

Hands to my White Glove coordinator again for reaching out to inform that White Glove was expanding to provide Early Intervention Therapy Services, in the home. (That was about three years ago) All too soon, we were matched with a White Glove Physical and Occupational Therapist, who became like family to us. They both connected so well to Mariam. The difference was unbelievable! She was showing a lot more progress in the setting of our warm home!

 By now, our daughter is four years old. She has since aged out of the Early Intervention and Therapy Program, and only receives nursing services in the daytime. Her nurse attends school with her and we consider her a loving aunt.  Our journey was not an easy one thus far, and I know it won’t have a fairytale ending, either. Wherever life may take us, my feelings towards White Glove will forever be of unending gratitude being our anchor in the roughest of times.”

Some of the White Glove Services:

Private Duty Nursing

Private Duty Nursing Services allows medically fragile patients dependent on tracheostomy tubes, ventilators or g-tubes  to receive quality, skilled nursing care, delivered  by an RN or LPN in the comfort of their home. Our dedicated nurses stop at nothing to enhance the quality of life of every patients while keeping them safe at home.

Personal Care Aides/Home Health Aides

Our Personal Care Aides help your loved ones stay independent at home. They maintain their personal hygiene by assigning them to bathing, dressing, grooming, and housekeeping. In addition, our personal care aides can accompany them to MD appointments if needed.  

Housekeeping Program

 White Glove Home Health Aides work with an individualized approach to keep seniors safe at home. Getting older should not mean having a lowered standard of living. Our home health aides help with laundry, preparing meals, and more home tasks.


No child should be left behind is the mantra White Glove Paraprofessionals go by. Some children need support, comfort, and more individualized attention at school to grow. Our Paraprofessionals provide instructional, behavioral, and other support to students in and outside of the classroom.


Nothing compares to the warmth of friends and family when caring for their loved ones.

Our CDPAP program enables family members to orchestrate the care for patients while getting paid at the same time.

School Nursing

Our school nurses accompany children with special needs necessitating critical care to still be safe in a school setting where they can learn and grow. Depending on the needs of the patient, some nurses may join the bus route to welcome the children into a friendly school environment every day.

Physical, Occupation and Speech Therapy

Your challenge is ours; and your recovery is our celebration! Our homecare therapists make your house home to improvement. No longer do you need the inconvenience of constant appointments to heal from injuries, disabilities, and other health conditions. They come to you.

Early Intervention Home Therapy

For young children with physical or developmental delays it is harder to adapt to a change of setting.  At White Glove Early Intervention, our goal is to ensure children make happy progress. The best way to the heart of children is when they are at ease, at home. Our skilled therapists will work with your needs, diagnosis, and schedule to get your care to perfection.

Getting started with White Glove services is a touch and go process. Reach out to us to get the best care for your loved one.

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