Navigating Documentation as a Therapist

Let’s be real. The documentation aspect is a challenging angle of the job when working as a special ed teacher or therapist. But while we cannot cut out the charting, we have been very determined to facilitate the process for White Glove therapists and teachers with an easy, navigable system. We also collected some great tips and brought them to you below.

Get Familiar with Providersoft

 When being placed on your first assignment, your personal case coordinator will email you a copy of the Providersoft manual, a web-based data driven system you will use to document the progress on all future visits. All the data entered is being saved electronically, and you can anytime go back to add corrections without the headache of old-school papers. We recommend familiarizing yourself with the system from the start and contacting us ahead of time with any technical questions you may have. This way you can keep your complete focus on your patient when attending your first shift.

Note as You Go Along

Never let the laundry pile up is not only a household rule for laundry. Letting the charting duties accumulate to a huge bundle is disturbing, both by the difficulty of catching up and the accuracy of the progress notes is also in question. Visits are to be documented immediately after every session and submitted withing 48 hours.  

Confirm All Fields Are Filled in as Required

Sometimes our schedules are kind of crazy and we end up running a daily marathon. While we are at it, there are many required fields to complete with little questions we can easily miss. It is beneficial to get into the habit of reviewing the note prior to submitting to ensure everything is correct, sparing us the headache of having to go back to correct missing information.

Ensure Your Technology is Well-Connected

While you can use any device to connect to Provider Software and do your notes, we recommend using a laptop or tablet for best results. Also, you will be best off using a device with built in Wi-Fi or have your device connected to internet using a hotspot.

Ensure Your Drafts Are Saved

It is monstrous when we work hard over our notes, pausing to check back about one field… only to find out that we forgot to save our draft.

Rule: Always remember to save every draft no matter how much information is stored!  

Turn to us with Any Questions

We are here to support you with any questions or concerns. Contact your staffing coordinator anytime and she will be glad to assist you.

Click here for a more detailed guide on how to utilize Providersoft and loads of luck on your current or next assignment.

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