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Back to School! Get 20% off at Moxie Scrubs

Infusing September with the air of a new beginning is not contingent on the ironed uniform, freshly sharpened pencils, or an organized backpack. Making the page break may not be as natural as in middle school. It requires a conscious and mindful effort to get into the mode.

But the summer is behind us, and holidays are a fine jump to the future. Why deny us the opportunity to invigorate the season?

Inspired by White Glove homecare providers, we are sharing a list of creative ideas on how to get into the back–to–school atmosphere leaving school out of the equation!

Try something new!

Leave fear behind and go for new opportunities to discover new parts of self you never knew existed.

Organize Your Life!

Step up and embrace the predictability of routine again. Consider rearranging your home and clearing your closets.

Set your goals!

Think: What achievements are you aiming for in 2023-2024?

Remember Selfcare!

Adapting back to your typical schedule means that you dare not forget yourself. Be kind to yourself and designate increments of time to care for you!

Freshen your wardrobe!

Social science research reported by the University of Nevada shows that a person’s physical appearance has a meaningful impact on their life experiences. Look great, feel great!

New: White Glove Partnered with Moxie Scrubs!

White Glove providers enjoy 20% off at Moxie Scrubs with our exclusive promo code. Discounted rates apply to all purchases with no cap or exception! Ask your recruiter or case coordinator for your promo code, and go ahead admiring those comfortable, durable, stylish scrubs!

Looking to join us?

Sign up here to kickstart a rewarding career with optimal benefits and a supportive team!

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New Benefit Suggestion Box

Ready for big news, then better news?

 The Big News

In our commitment to providing top-notch support to our providers in a happy, balanced, and thriving workforce, we opened our new Benefits Suggestion Box. We are looking to expand our benefits package with an added perk to enhance the experience for our valued employees.

The Better News

We want to hear your feedback which added strings attached you would appreciate! Your voice is so important to us, and we encourage you to share your suggestions for another benefit to better the extensive White Glove experience for providers.

Extended Deadline: The Suggestion Box is Open through August 3RD!

 It’s This Easy:

  • Think of a benefit you would appreciate.
  • Share your idea with your case coordinator
  • Upper Management will review all benefits suggestions.
  • The winning Benefit Will be Published and Implemented!

Do not wait longer! Reach out while our benefits suggestion box is open!

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Summer Tips from Therapists to YOU

In the summer, leaves blossom, birds sing and flowers sprout, and in our very own way, we people do just the same. The bright sunlight makes us feel energized, livelier, and are more inclined to be in the doer mode of action.  It is no fluke. Scientistic studies show that the increased exposure to Vitamin D makes our brain work differently, with some parts far more active in the summer than in the cloudy winter months. Early intervention therapists see this joyful season as a time when children are more receptive to growth. We gave the mike to some amazing White Glove therapists and Special Educators on how we can maximize this season for optimal progress for the children we service!

Rosa Ingrid

 “Some years back when I taught in a classroom setting, I was told to prepare myself for a challenging year. There was a girl in the class who was especially aggressive. In preceding years, none of the teachers reached her sensitive heart.

I was determined to be different.

Like a gardener watering soil without seeing flowers, I tried to convey trust, caring and love. She craved the relationship, and soon I truly loved her like a daughter.  She started calling me ‘mom’ and became my little assistant in the classroom.

It taught me a lot more. I noticed that the ease of the relationship and the flexibility of an environment fosters growth and progress. When children can touch, feel, and explore it is good for their health and the results are astounding.

This is why I am truly looking forward to summer. I feel like when the parents agree to hold our sessions outside under the vivid sunlight it is especially helpful to develop growth and motor skills. The laxer environment helps them absorb the learning better.

 All in all, 1:1 gives us a sense of connecting with the child at the same time creating a lighter setting, where the children thrive. I find it baffling when the children we never dreamed could talk make out their words.”

About Ingrid:

Ingrid is a bilingual special education teacher, teaching in the classroom and home! Her love for children is for real, and she’s got four of her own! You can say she is outnumbered by four Boys, and a twin duo who keep her on her toes.  When she is not deeply in the planning for another productive day, you’ll find her spending time in nature while listening to her favorite music!!

Ravon Broomes  

“Like all of us working closely with children, there is nothing as gratifying as helping children learn various skills, empowering parents to expect more of their children by individualizing the care we do. We are on a delicate rope, while not allowing children to fall behind by setting high expectations, but not pulling the strings too far when expectations are out of reach or unattainable.

To understand the opportunity summer grants us, it is truthfully the larger picture we need to observe. The classroom or home is a very controlled and manageable environment. It is a place where children can learn. Yet the real aim is the make a better life for the special children, where they can complete their tasks to make themselves a better life.

 Natural environmental teaching is more important than classroom teaching.

This time of the year is a gift when the outdoors is friendly, enabling us to teach the children skills for life. Especially, when working with older children, activities outside are especially beneficial. When you teach them how to learn safety rules, the signs to look out for when crossing the streets. Sometimes I would take them to the restaurant so they could place their order, talk to people, and see how to exchange money. It is real life exploration of territories they will need to know once they grow older.

When I work with younger children, I find the park a lovely venue for teaching. It is an opportunity for them to learn how to interact with their peers. Additionally, some of the smaller children will have multi-faceted goals set, like physical therapy, motor skills building, and the outdoors offers more distraction and easier engagement.”

About Ravone: Ravone believes in building a rapport with the children we work with, but honestly, she believes in investing in relationships across the board! A loving mom to her nine-year-old son, she takes joy in treating him to eat out, travel, or guess where she’d love to spend a quiet off day most? Home! With her ever busy schedule, she embraces downtime in the comfortable setting she appreciates!

Temah Garbaty

“Seeking progress in our children is about tiny steps. Though, I would not say that it is limited to a season, because every child has their own unique pace and timing when they grow.

Yet it is undeniable that spending more time outdoors does a world of good for children with special needs, and never mind for us too. It teaches the children how to adapt to different settings, which is something very healthy. Obviously, it is not always something we can do unless we have the consent of the parents.

It is astounding seeing the successes, how many children become more verbal or retain information, or self-correct themselves. I get emotional every time again.”

About Garbaty: Inquisitive, curious, and ready to explore, Garbaty still has a child at heart. We observe that that’s what helps her build an unreal understanding for the children. As a queen of adventure, she spends the warm months swimming, bike riding, sailing or kayaking. When you won’t find her in one of her sessions with a client, or enjoying her favorite sport, you’ll find her restoring the most exotic antiques with her creativity and skill!

View her beautiful antique work

Drop us some ideas what you are planning for summer 2023 at or apply today to join the dynamic team of White Glove Therapists!

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Exclusive Vacation Discounts

Exclusive Vacation Discounts for White Glove Caregivers

Vacation, staycation, or relaxation, however you are in to spend the enchanting summer season – happy planning! When the sun is up, and our spirits high extracurricular fun activities beckon to us.  Where our travels or adventures tend to get hedged is when it meets the dollar punch point. White Glove partners with Tickets at Work to bring popular attractions for affordable prices to you! They have special offers both nationwide and abroad! Peek how you can maximize the experience while minimizing the cost at the same time.

Discounts you can count on when making the plans:

 I am traveling!

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  • Great deals on Rental Cars wherever your destination is – up to 25% off!
  • Wet fun at Waterparks with your best buddies!

 I am Staying!

  • Fabulous shopping deals to air out guilt free!
  • Movie tickets to your favorite Broadway hits!
  • Preferred access to sports, concerts, and other memorable events!
  • Discounts for Spa, Wellness to rejuvenate and relax with self-care!

3 Easy Steps to Get Started with Tickets at Work

  1. Reach out to your White Glove career coach to obtain your personal promo code to Tickets at Work.
  2. Visit and click to become a member. Enter your email address and promo code.
  3. You are ready to plan your discounted summer break with White Glove Exclusive Discounts

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Onboarding for White Glove Therapists

Good things take time is an old phrase. Sanhita Baruah added that while good things take time, great things take a little longer.  Her wise quote holds true in many instances. Yet we are proud to say that this is not the case when reflecting the onboarding process with White Glove Early Intervention program.

White Glove therapists find their job to be rewarding, well paying, accommodating and smooth. Forming the connection with children is exhilarating and seeing them progress is the constant pat on the back we need. Many therapists find Per Diem therapy to be like opening your own practice. You are the boss of your calendar, your preferences and desired work location. The key difference is that you enjoy the benefits of working independently, headache – free. White Glove handles all technicalities, including matching you to patients, your payroll and billing, and general support.  

As to joining the greatness? That’s a touch and go process.

How to get started:

  • You can either kickoff by browsing by location for the job you are looking for and submit your resume throughout our website or reach out via email or phone.
  • A dedicated recruiter will reach out to guide you through the on-boarding process.
  • You will receive an email with an application to complete, with the list of required documents.
  • As soon as we get that information over – we are ready to schedule you for a virtual one-hour orientation to review the general protocol focusing mainly on documentation.
  • Bingo! We set up your patient load based on your preferences, usually this will happen less than one week from your initial outreach.

Ease into your own therapy practice by completing this form, reaching out via email. Or if you’d love to browse by location first. Click here.

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All Services Under 1 Roof

Clarity and transparency are the thumb, and the finger pointer families are searching for when they combat a medical saga. Besides for whatever is on their plate, there is plenty to learn. Getting services approved, constant MD appointments, hands-on caregiving, and no forgetting – the medical jargon families got to adapt to!

Then there is just plain handling life while keeping your head above the water through constant new waves coming, currents unpredictable. 

White Glove High Priority Goal

 We work hard to support families with the services they need with a million watt focus on predictability, transparency, and consistency. That is what they are lacking most, that is what they need most. Hundreds of White Glove patients say that White Glove is not only an agency, but we are also family to them.

😢A Common Struggle

 Whether you have an aging parent, a child or sibling with behavioral health issues, or a family member with an acute disease, the chances are that you will need more than one avenue of service. If you are approved for Private Duty Nursing, you may want to have a family member care for your patient for partial shifts. Sick children may need early intervention services as well as homecare services, often coupled with school nursing as well. Communication with multiple providers or agencies becomes a confusing challenge.

😀 One Number; all services!

 White Glove is here to support families in need of multiple services all under one roof. We keep on expanding to simplify the process plus communication for more patients. No more jigsaw puzzles working with conflicting schedules. No more stress. It is one number.

Mother of Mariam K.  

“It was a bombshell when my firstborn daughter was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy coupled with developmental delays. She was beautiful and perfect, except that she was not. Of course, there were various other complications that would come up that we did not even know at that time.  It was Mount Everest to climb before we got our princess home. Weeks sort of looked like a jumble of days as we kept on taking the too – familiar route to and from the hospital for many weeks that ended up being months. Progress was a lot slower than the doctors initially anticipated.

 Finally, we welcomed Mariam to our humble abode which respectively resembled a hospital room. I felt we were turning a page. I remember telling my mom that “I am glad this is all behind us.”, though I knew in my heart of hearts that our real journey was about to start. 

My shout out to White Glove for the outstanding nursing services you established less than a few weeks after we came home. They were so on top of it to be accommodating with our ever-ending questions to ensure we are comfortable. Credits to our devoted nurses who were there for nearly 24 hours a day.  I am pretty sure this was what enabled us to keep afloat throughout the initial period of Mariam’s homecoming.

 It was a few weeks after we settled in with Private Duty Nursing, that my sister relocated to Brooklyn, to the same neighborhood where we were living. When I paid her a visit, and we chatted somewhat about how the move is coming along, our conversation drifted to my sister saying that she is looking for a new job closer to home.

 I vaguely recalled there was a program enabling family members to care for their loved ones. So, I asked her if she would be interested in the idea, should logistics work, of caring for Mariam for several shifts a week. She liked it.

 The next day, our White Glove coordinator gave us a full informative run-down on how we can move over partial shifts to the CD pap program. We would have my sister work with Mariam during the day, while keeping the nursing services intact for the night. Blessed be my White Glove Coordinator, Jennifer, for doing the legwork through the insurance to seamlessly transition to the new arrangement.

 That was not all. For months, we took Mariam out for frequent and exhausting therapy visits. It was draining. Mariam was always cranky, and much as I tried to keep chirpy on those mornings – it was a killer for the day. I was working full time, you see, and that was challenging enough as is.

Hands to my White Glove coordinator again for reaching out to inform that White Glove was expanding to provide Early Intervention Therapy Services, in the home. (That was about three years ago) All too soon, we were matched with a White Glove Physical and Occupational Therapist, who became like family to us. They both connected so well to Mariam. The difference was unbelievable! She was showing a lot more progress in the setting of our warm home!

 By now, our daughter is four years old. She has since aged out of the Early Intervention and Therapy Program, and only receives nursing services in the daytime. Her nurse attends school with her and we consider her a loving aunt.  Our journey was not an easy one thus far, and I know it won’t have a fairytale ending, either. Wherever life may take us, my feelings towards White Glove will forever be of unending gratitude being our anchor in the roughest of times.”

Some of the White Glove Services:

Private Duty Nursing

Private Duty Nursing Services allows medically fragile patients dependent on tracheostomy tubes, ventilators or g-tubes  to receive quality, skilled nursing care, delivered  by an RN or LPN in the comfort of their home. Our dedicated nurses stop at nothing to enhance the quality of life of every patients while keeping them safe at home.

Personal Care Aides/Home Health Aides

Our Personal Care Aides help your loved ones stay independent at home. They maintain their personal hygiene by assigning them to bathing, dressing, grooming, and housekeeping. In addition, our personal care aides can accompany them to MD appointments if needed.  

Housekeeping Program

 White Glove Home Health Aides work with an individualized approach to keep seniors safe at home. Getting older should not mean having a lowered standard of living. Our home health aides help with laundry, preparing meals, and more home tasks.


No child should be left behind is the mantra White Glove Paraprofessionals go by. Some children need support, comfort, and more individualized attention at school to grow. Our Paraprofessionals provide instructional, behavioral, and other support to students in and outside of the classroom.


Nothing compares to the warmth of friends and family when caring for their loved ones.

Our CDPAP program enables family members to orchestrate the care for patients while getting paid at the same time.

School Nursing

Our school nurses accompany children with special needs necessitating critical care to still be safe in a school setting where they can learn and grow. Depending on the needs of the patient, some nurses may join the bus route to welcome the children into a friendly school environment every day.

Physical, Occupation and Speech Therapy

Your challenge is ours; and your recovery is our celebration! Our homecare therapists make your house home to improvement. No longer do you need the inconvenience of constant appointments to heal from injuries, disabilities, and other health conditions. They come to you.

Early Intervention Home Therapy

For young children with physical or developmental delays it is harder to adapt to a change of setting.  At White Glove Early Intervention, our goal is to ensure children make happy progress. The best way to the heart of children is when they are at ease, at home. Our skilled therapists will work with your needs, diagnosis, and schedule to get your care to perfection.

Getting started with White Glove services is a touch and go process. Reach out to us to get the best care for your loved one.

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YourVoice survey

DEI Is About Hearing Your Voice

Moshe Stareshefsky, White Glove Chief Executive officer at White Glove invites you to complete the Your Voice survey to hear your voice on the critical topics focusing on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion + Belonging in the workplace. The Your Voice survey is a three-question form to hear more about what you say. Click to complete the survey here or read on to hear the purpose behind the White Glove Your Voice surveys.

The White Glove Belief System as a DEI + Belonging Employer:

Our principal goal at White Glove is to create an atmosphere of acceptance, respect, and sense of belonging; the place you can call home. This is not a statement, but the priority value we live and work by. Inclusion is more profound than words being said. It is the tiny nuances flavoring the actions of equity in the workforce is what makes the difference.

We believe it is the power of our uniqueness and individuality which is paramount in bringing the talent in an organization to the next level. We strong because of it, not despite of it. The beauty in the White Glove Teams is our diverse backgrounds, cultures, religion, gender, and other outer or inner differences. That’s what makes us interesting. That’s what makes us special. That’s what makes us strong. And yep, that is what makes us White Glove.

 What is Diversity?

Diversity is our greatest strength.

Inclusiveness is about recognizing the level of talent every individual offer.

Vocalize your opinion because every opinion matters.

Encourage awareness on topics of diversity, equity, and inclusion in your workplace.

Respect everyone not despite who they are, but because of who they are.

Service clients with equate dignity no matter their disabilities, differences, or appearance.

Introduce your value system to more people.

Together we can make the difference and change the world.

Your Voice Surveys are here to help White Glove set our goals even further for 2023!

How Your Voice Surveys Helps Us Reach Our DEI+B Goals:

If you ask us, being an equal opportunity employer is only attained when leadership truly hears the individual voices within their organization. It is NOT about bold statements to the press or saying the things that sound right. It is about hearing directive of those beneficiary to the subtle differences so your actions can reflect appropriately. To enable us to set our DEI + belonging goals even further we ask you to participate in our Your Voice survey based on Diversity and Inclusion topics.

Your Voice Matters.

Take the Your Voice Survey now.

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Caregiver of Excellence – April 2023

Highlighting Natalia Glenn, Physical Therapist Par Excellence

The progress we witness in the White Glove Early Intervention Program is undoubtedly credited to our wonderful team of Physical Therapists who work their magic at the hearts of the children they work with. If you wonder what it’s like to be a White Glove Early Intervention Physical therapist, read on hearing more directly from Natalia, who’s got her unique methods to get every child and their parents completely involved by teaching them how to fish instead of just fishing. Wonder what we mean? Just continue reading..

About Me, personally: I am a mom to two amazing boys ages thirteen and sixteen. We used to live in NYC but recently moved to a beautiful place in Connecticut. We love spending time together, especially doing running activities outside in the lap of nature. Can’t wait for summer to come around so that we can really get the fresh energy going!

About me, professionally: I have been a Physical Therapist for more than twenty years, tapping into physical therapy in every venue. I feel this made me very well rounded to understand every aspect of physical therapy and to completely understand the mechanisms of those therapies. I have worked in outpatient settings, homecare, independent living, pediatric groups, last but really first, Early Intervention!

You won’t believe this: In the years preceding my career as a Physical Therapist, I was a professional ballet dancer! I know it is weird how one person can go in those two diverse directions. But I am glad I am where I am now!

What I love about being an Early Intervention Therapist with White Glove:

There is something in it about starting out with young babies of a few months old then helping them reach their milestones and watching them grow. Building relationships with families and helping them stay knowledgeable is something I find amazing. When the children age out, it is hard to say goodbye though it is so rewarding to see where they have come!

What I feel is most crucial as an Early Intervention therapist:

Contrary to homecare or other venues in therapy, Early Intervention is not only about the actual time we spend with the patient. One, two or even three thirty-minute sessions are not going to bring the dramatic improvement we want to see. To help the children reach milestones, a huge part of it is to educate the parents, answer their questions about body mechanics and explain how they can help throughout the week in the times we are not there.  I find that most parents are motivated to be involved to further the success of the therapies.

Want to make this kind of difference, while being your own boss, with a flexible schedule, weekly pay and too many benefits to count?

 Join us now.

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Get Your HelloSpring Gift Card

White Glove Therapists Get their HelloSpring Gift Card of choice!

White Glove is in it to make the brush of the spring breeze feel more special than your Birthday cake. Since we know you love the sun in the sky for longer hours, and the spring colors, plus the buds of the flowers… We figured we’ll add into the equation a-special-for-you-gift card-to-shop-the-new-season-together-idea! We know it sounds too awesome to be real. But, seriously… So are our incredible Therapists and Caregivers.

So, without further ado – Follow the instructions to redeem your White Glove Hellospring gift card.

Image preview

Recommendation: Wait no longer as this promotion expires on April 1st

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4 Core Values of Early Intervention

The 4 Core Values of White Glove Early Intervention

Sometimes it takes more than a big heart to shape little minds. Numerous happy parents observing the unbelievable progress with White Glove Early Intervention program wonder what the key to the great successes they are seeing in their child. It is the core values White Glove stands by, which truly sets the care at a remarkable level.

The Core Values Our Providers Stand By:

1. Servicing with Respect and Understanding

At White Glove, we believe that every individual deserves being treated with understanding and respect. This is the sentiment we care by. It is both about White Glove giving a solid framework for our specialized providers, and our Par Excellence providers conveying a sense of dignity to every client. We totally grasp the difficulties involved that may challenge the children and caregivers, and we stay determined to support everyone and work alongside to enable real change.

2. Cultural Diversity

One of our top goals is to provide an equal standard of top-quality care for all no matter the outer appearance, race, culture, values, gender, or other differentiations. Diversity is our greatest strength. We appreciate the differences of our providers because that makes us unique, enabling the ultimate care.

3. Servicing Individualized Needs

 One-size-fits-all-therapy exist not at White Glove. As every child is individual, so are their needs. And so will their care be. White Glove Early intervention providers will service every patient for who they are. Each child is evaluated in detail to determine their unique goals. An appropriate method will be implemented to help them develop and reach their potential preparing them to live their most productive life.

4. Passion is Us

We LOVE what we do. The leadership, talent, collaboration, and deep sense of intuition our White Glove Early Intervention Therapy team reflects on the success stories we see daily. 

The engine is always going. It is refreshing to work with White Glove Case Coordinators; feel their enthusiasm towards what they are doing.

Are you looking for Early Intervention Services? Our compassionate team is phone call away to simplify the road to progress.

Contact us today.

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