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4 Core Values of Early Intervention

The 4 Core Values of White Glove Early Intervention

Sometimes it takes more than a big heart to shape little minds. Numerous happy parents observing the unbelievable progress with White Glove Early Intervention program wonder what the key to the great successes they are seeing in their child. It is the core values White Glove stands by, which truly sets the care at a remarkable level.

The Core Values Our Providers Stand By:

1. Servicing with Respect and Understanding

At White Glove, we believe that every individual deserves being treated with understanding and respect. This is the sentiment we care by. It is both about White Glove giving a solid framework for our specialized providers, and our Par Excellence providers conveying a sense of dignity to every client. We totally grasp the difficulties involved that may challenge the children and caregivers, and we stay determined to support everyone and work alongside to enable real change.

2. Cultural Diversity

One of our top goals is to provide an equal standard of top-quality care for all no matter the outer appearance, race, culture, values, gender, or other differentiations. Diversity is our greatest strength. We appreciate the differences of our providers because that makes us unique, enabling the ultimate care.

3. Servicing Individualized Needs

 One-size-fits-all-therapy exist not at White Glove. As every child is individual, so are their needs. And so will their care be. White Glove Early intervention providers will service every patient for who they are. Each child is evaluated in detail to determine their unique goals. An appropriate method will be implemented to help them develop and reach their potential preparing them to live their most productive life.

4. Passion is Us

We LOVE what we do. The leadership, talent, collaboration, and deep sense of intuition our White Glove Early Intervention Therapy team reflects on the success stories we see daily. 

The engine is always going. It is refreshing to work with White Glove Case Coordinators; feel their enthusiasm towards what they are doing.

Are you looking for Early Intervention Services? Our compassionate team is phone call away to simplify the road to progress.

Contact us today.

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How to Be an effective Special Instructor

This blog is for you only if you are a provider who is seeking to see real change in every client.

Ok, ok. 

Obviously, who does not want to alter the lives of the patients working with.

When working with children facing unique challenges, whether developmentally, behaviorally, physically, emotionally, or all in one we are sometimes in for real fun.

If children are great at giving their caretakers a run for their money, children with special needs are the queen experts at it. Keeping them engaged throughout the session is the hard-to-find key to progress.

So, bottom line, how can we get every client to cooperate and stay focused?

First, we must understand every child’s core functions that may lead to any insecurities, so we know how to better address it. Those may be some of the subconscious thought racing through their mind as you enter the room.

I don’t know what will be happening.

Don’t tell me what to do!

How long will this take?

This is going to be BOOOOOOOOORING!

I want to play… I don’t want to do what she tells me!

I am stronger than her and I do not want to reach her goal.

Before seeking progress, first and most importantly we must get them hooked to like the time spent together. 

Some easy or not so easy tips you can implement to engage you clients. 

  • Create a Routine for Your Sessions

When children can expect what will be happening it gives them a sense of being in control of things. Additionally, children to not own the concept of time. You know your session will take 45 minutes. They do not. This can make your stay seem endless for some clients. Organizing a structure for your sessions with the same schedule each time can make them figure it out. They can predict that you start out with a song, then continue to a book, then do the daily exercises. Especially if you are mindful to use the same transitioning words each time. This is almost as good as saying “Another five minutes and we’re done”.

  • Prepare a Learning Theme

For little minds, jumping from colors to numbers to the next teaching can become a jumble in the brain. A daily theme keeps the children focused. They can follow you better because it makes sense to them. Preparing a learning theme can make the preparation for your lessons more tasking but the results are worth it. Say, you choose to designate a session on Ducks. You sing a song about ducks, show a number book about ducks, tell your client to count the ducks, ask which color the ducks are – the child can make progress in the learning while your theme is keeping them hooked. 

  • Form a Connection

 Most special children will not cooperate with a stranger whom they do not trust. The solution? Make little friends! Give them the little tickle, huggie and friendly greeting before starting out.

  • Do Not Engage in Tantrums

If you do not know the sight of a kid sprawled on the floor with ear wrenching shrieks, you are absolutely unique or rather, you are NOT a Special Instructor. And oh, if you talk to the child and they just come join you to cooperate – hats off for you.

Pleading, begging, talking. It is for naught. Teaching? Go for talking to brownstone walls.

The best route is to tell the child something like this. Usually, if your session is something they look forward to, it will help. “Ok Mary, it is ok if you cry. Looks like you are not ready today. I will wait and when you are ready come join me for some fun activities. Otherwise, we cannot do any of it.” Obviously, we want Mary to join us. But under those circumstances there is no way how we will get through to reach out goal anyway.

  • Give Them Control if They Need it.

Some children like to be in control always. Those children will resent being told to do everything. Though we cannot have them set the direction of our sessions, we can restore their feeling of having a grip on things by presenting choices. “So, Mike, today we will be doing Activity A and B.” (fact.) “Which one do you want to do first?” (Choice.)

  • Know your goal. (But hide it)

Your goal for the day is most important, no doubt. But if your focus on it is too clearly detected then there is a chance that the other party in the room will not share the same interest for the day. It is important to coat the lemon with a bar of chocolate so the children cannot detect where your real goal is. A themed lesson will also help you hide the real goal.

Do you have more tips and ideas you would like to share with more Early Intervention Providers?

Email us @

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New! FlexCard Benefits

Henny Falkowitz, Senior Benefits Specialist at White Glove, is simply in love with what she is doing.  Whether you have spoken to her about your eligibility for Health Insurance, to inquire about your Flex Card, or anything in between, you know what it’s like to talk to sunshine. Henny is the kind of person who would get the shirt off her back for another, and she is virtually obsessed with making every caregiver happy.

Henny recognized some misconceptions about our monthly flex benefit and compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions, to ensure you are knowledgeable how to manage and maximize your benefits.

 Therapist: When am I eligible to get my first benefit Flex-card?

Henny: First, Welcome to White Glove! The most common misconception I encounter with therapists starting out at White Glove is that they think they need to work 40 visits/hours weekly to qualify for full time benefits, when you are truthfully eligible at 30 visits/hours. Once you complete 30 visits/hours weekly for the four midweeks of the calendar month, you will be eligible to receive your card on the 20th of the following month.  Say, you started out on June 1st, you worked the 30 visits on the 4 midweeks of the month, you will be eligible to get your card on July 20th.

Therapist: Is the benefits card taxed?

Henny: The good news is that Uncle Sam has no bite into those dollars. The benefit card is Nontaxable. The money loaded onto your card is not included on your annual W2. Call it your personal and well-deserved bonus.

Therapist: When in the month will I get my card refilled?

Henny: Once you have received your card for the first time, as long as you keep up your 30 visits consistently per week, your card will be auto filled with $100 on the 20th of every month.

Therapist: Can I only use my card for Cellphone bills?

Henny: This misconception is way too widespread! You can use your card toward any kind of cellphone expenses, medical expenses, dental expenses, pharmacies – (over the counter items and prescriptions), optical expenses or childcare.

Therapist: I am a full-time employee for several months and still haven’t received the benefit card. Why?

Henny: This is my turn to throw back a question to you. “Did you request it?” The flex-card must be requested for the first time, then it is automatically renewed if you work the required number of hours.

Therapist: If I don’t use it one month, what will happen to the money?

Henny: No worries, if you don’t get to use your card the money will roll over to the next month. I recently dealt with a nurse who had forgotten about her card while the card hadn’t forgotten about her and was still accumulating money. She had $1,200 available to use! Though, keep in mind that card can only swipe up to $125 dollars per transaction, which makes it more convenient to spend the money sooner instead of accumulating funds for one bulk transaction.

Henny continuously sings her mantra “The only thing better than our benefits is our customer service.” She suggests that you know our benefits address by heart so you can contact her with no hesitation at

Join us today for a dynamic experience enjoying your monthly flex card, weekly pay and an unrivalled benefits package.

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Annual Blue Trophy Awarded

Annual Blue Trophy Awarded to Teresita De Cruz

On January 26th, Moshe Stareshefsky, White Glove Chief Executive Officer, announced the nomination of Teresita De La Cruz, Special Education teacher to receive the Annual Blue Trophy for 2023. “Teresita is more than a Special Ed teacher, she is reinventing therapy with her high patient engagement, professional creativity and passion for children.” He said in a statement.

“My goal was to find a way to engage those special children by creating a clear-cut but interesting routine.” Teresita says.”

 “Teresita starts her day with a welcome song and ends it with a goodbye song and the children know it and love it.” one of the parents relayed to Hadassah Tyrnauer, Case Coordinator.

   Whether Teresita visits a patient, she is prepared with a stock of new toys which the children relate to as her ‘magic bag’.

 She creates a themed lesson so the children can stay tuned throughout, without realizing her real therapy goal for the session. It is astonishing to see how Teresita can get the most challenged children cooperating.

 Teresita’s goal for 2023 is help even more children with special needs reach their goals and prepare them for a better life.

White Glove Therapy takes this time to recognize all of the accomplished White Glove healthcare professionals for their continued dedication and caring. We hereby wish you a year of much career growth, success, and happiness. We look forward to continue supporting our teams and celebrating you every day in 2023. 

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Live Event: Tesla X Raffle

Tesla X Raffle Being Drawn on February 1st

 Our teams at White Glove were absolutely awed, amazed, stunned, and absolutely elated seeing the reverberating impact of Project Fireworks. Our nurses are power.  They make us go even stronger in our mission to support healthcare professionals nationwide find their perfectly suited  opportunities.

You must be wondering:

  • How many caregivers spread the Fireworks Message of the week?
  • Who got the $100 Amazon Cards for the winning add of the week?
  • How many caregivers received Starbucks Cards?
  • How many fellow caregiver friends joined White Glove throughout January?
  • How many professionals have been placed in the month of January?

 And last but truly first: Who will win to drive their own Tesla?

Come join the event live Instagram on February 1st

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Project Fireworks 2023

Launching Project Fireworks, 2023

 Just a quick heads up: After reading this article there is a fair chance that you will afford to drive your own Tesla.

About Project Fireworks:

The Mission

White Glove identified the challenge of Job searching in 2023. It is more dizzying than anything for those looking for the combo of the most well-paying opportunities, supportive staff, and frontrunning benefits.

This is all before you talk about the newfound issue of screening through falsified internet ads to determine the accuracy of the promises after deducting all the fine printed stars.

The White Glove Fireworks project was created to spread the word about the one-of-a-kind experience with great pay and benefits to help healthcare professional navigate the confusing job market.

Fireworks in Action

Fireworks is about YOU spreading the spark. Because in a digital era, your friends are depending on you to help them find the right career opportunities instead of scanning through endless, exaggerated Google search responses. Fireworks is about sharing your positive experiences and inviting your friends to enjoy the same.

How The Fireworks Program Works:

Tierre 1-

Blast the Word Out

Every Week in January, we will have a special message from White Glove to Therapists. You can join us to blast that word out in 3 easy steps to earn a special reward.

  1. Reach out to your White Glove Coordinator to hear the message of the week
  2. Share the message on any of your active Social Media platforms exp. Facebook, LinkedIn etc., You can do so anytime throughout that week, before Saturday at 11:59pm EST.
  3. Send a snip to your coordinator of your social post.
  4. Congrats! You qualify for the Fireworks Tierre 1 Prize – ‘Stars at Starbucks’!

Stars and STARbucks

For every message posted from any of your active Social Media Accounts, receive a $10 reward at Starbucks to kick off a new year with a special caffeine boost!

Tierre 2-

Winning Ad of the week

All posts will be reviewed by the Marketing Department at White Glove for the uniqueness of the style, content, and engagement. A weekly winner will receive a $100 gift card at Amazon!!

Tierre 3- Enlighten your friends

After a cup of refreshing coffee, you are ready move on and forward.

By now, the word is out, and you may very well receive further inquiries, questions or interested feedback from some of your peers.

You can answer the questions you know but you may very well come across some you are not sure about.

The perfect solution; connect them with a White Glove Coordinator

  1. Connect your friend with your White Glove Coordinator today.
  2. Congrats! You qualify to for the Tierre 3 prize – ‘The Special Spark’!!

The Special Spark- Drive Your Own Tesla for One Week or earn $1000 in Cash Value

For each friend you recommend to the White Glove experience you will automatically be entered into a raffle drawing to drive your Tesla for one week*! We can totally see you rolling through the streets in that vehicle;)

*Drawing to be held on February 1st, 2023.



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Holiday Top-ten Self-Appreciation Gestures

No words necessary when you can see the results live, how healthcare professionals took the opportunity this Thanksgiving to thank themselves instead of everyone else. Many amongst these elite healthcare crowd are so used to only thinking about others and we got numerous inquiries if they can get a gift for someone else instead. We said no, capital N. Self-appreciation is always important, but you deserved a gift more than anyone. The White Glove Empower Team was thrilled with every incoming “Thank You, Me” submission of over 130 that came as though it was a first. We brought the Top 10 to you!!


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2023 Blue Trophy Award

2023 Annual Blue Trophy Award Winner to be Announced by Mid-January

About the Annual Blue Trophy Therapist Award:

Suspense is high in those days, with hundreds of White Glove caregivers and inhouse staff members anticipating who will be announced as the winner of the White Glove Annual Blue Trophy Therapist Award of 2023.

The Annual Blue Trophy Award is presented to one caregiver yearly who exemplifies compound caregiving values and notable achievements.  Frontend staff members are involved in the nomination process by submitting up to three candidates based on seniority, patient satisfaction, integrity, and annual accomplishments.

By early November we have received more than 70 candidates who all seemed to fit every criteria for the award. Every file was carefully reviewed by our upper management team, and currently waiting for the final stamp of the White Glove Chief Officers.

By mid-January White Glove Chief Clinical Early Intervention and Therapy Director, will announce the final nominee of the Annual Blue Trophy Award. Updates will follow how to join the event live. Stay Tuned!!

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