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Summer Tips from Therapists to YOU

In the summer, leaves blossom, birds sing and flowers sprout, and in our very own way, we people do just the same. The bright sunlight makes us feel energized, livelier, and are more inclined to be in the doer mode of action.  It is no fluke. Scientistic studies show that the increased exposure to Vitamin D makes our brain work differently, with some parts far more active in the summer than in the cloudy winter months. Early intervention therapists see this joyful season as a time when children are more receptive to growth. We gave the mike to some amazing White Glove therapists and Special Educators on how we can maximize this season for optimal progress for the children we service!

Rosa Ingrid

 “Some years back when I taught in a classroom setting, I was told to prepare myself for a challenging year. There was a girl in the class who was especially aggressive. In preceding years, none of the teachers reached her sensitive heart.

I was determined to be different.

Like a gardener watering soil without seeing flowers, I tried to convey trust, caring and love. She craved the relationship, and soon I truly loved her like a daughter.  She started calling me ‘mom’ and became my little assistant in the classroom.

It taught me a lot more. I noticed that the ease of the relationship and the flexibility of an environment fosters growth and progress. When children can touch, feel, and explore it is good for their health and the results are astounding.

This is why I am truly looking forward to summer. I feel like when the parents agree to hold our sessions outside under the vivid sunlight it is especially helpful to develop growth and motor skills. The laxer environment helps them absorb the learning better.

 All in all, 1:1 gives us a sense of connecting with the child at the same time creating a lighter setting, where the children thrive. I find it baffling when the children we never dreamed could talk make out their words.”

About Ingrid:

Ingrid is a bilingual special education teacher, teaching in the classroom and home! Her love for children is for real, and she’s got four of her own! You can say she is outnumbered by four Boys, and a twin duo who keep her on her toes.  When she is not deeply in the planning for another productive day, you’ll find her spending time in nature while listening to her favorite music!!

Ravon Broomes  

“Like all of us working closely with children, there is nothing as gratifying as helping children learn various skills, empowering parents to expect more of their children by individualizing the care we do. We are on a delicate rope, while not allowing children to fall behind by setting high expectations, but not pulling the strings too far when expectations are out of reach or unattainable.

To understand the opportunity summer grants us, it is truthfully the larger picture we need to observe. The classroom or home is a very controlled and manageable environment. It is a place where children can learn. Yet the real aim is the make a better life for the special children, where they can complete their tasks to make themselves a better life.

 Natural environmental teaching is more important than classroom teaching.

This time of the year is a gift when the outdoors is friendly, enabling us to teach the children skills for life. Especially, when working with older children, activities outside are especially beneficial. When you teach them how to learn safety rules, the signs to look out for when crossing the streets. Sometimes I would take them to the restaurant so they could place their order, talk to people, and see how to exchange money. It is real life exploration of territories they will need to know once they grow older.

When I work with younger children, I find the park a lovely venue for teaching. It is an opportunity for them to learn how to interact with their peers. Additionally, some of the smaller children will have multi-faceted goals set, like physical therapy, motor skills building, and the outdoors offers more distraction and easier engagement.”

About Ravone: Ravone believes in building a rapport with the children we work with, but honestly, she believes in investing in relationships across the board! A loving mom to her nine-year-old son, she takes joy in treating him to eat out, travel, or guess where she’d love to spend a quiet off day most? Home! With her ever busy schedule, she embraces downtime in the comfortable setting she appreciates!

Temah Garbaty

“Seeking progress in our children is about tiny steps. Though, I would not say that it is limited to a season, because every child has their own unique pace and timing when they grow.

Yet it is undeniable that spending more time outdoors does a world of good for children with special needs, and never mind for us too. It teaches the children how to adapt to different settings, which is something very healthy. Obviously, it is not always something we can do unless we have the consent of the parents.

It is astounding seeing the successes, how many children become more verbal or retain information, or self-correct themselves. I get emotional every time again.”

About Garbaty: Inquisitive, curious, and ready to explore, Garbaty still has a child at heart. We observe that that’s what helps her build an unreal understanding for the children. As a queen of adventure, she spends the warm months swimming, bike riding, sailing or kayaking. When you won’t find her in one of her sessions with a client, or enjoying her favorite sport, you’ll find her restoring the most exotic antiques with her creativity and skill!

View her beautiful antique work

Drop us some ideas what you are planning for summer 2023 at or apply today to join the dynamic team of White Glove Therapists!

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