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Brooke Scelfo

Occupational Therapist

Brooke has an ardent mission of spreading positivity and making people smile! That is what brings her to the world of pediatrics that she has worked for in over 9 years. She lived in Philadelphia, working with Early Intervention and Elementary schools, she has also been in CT for a couple of years working in a pediatric outpatient clinic. Brooke's mantra is “I love children- watching them grow and meet their milestones!” In addition to her work life Brooke is a music and nature lover, she likes to go out dancing on weekends and make mixes to share with friends, she loves hiking and exploring new beautiful places. “It makes me feel peaceful” she says.  She loves cooking with latest flavors and going out to eat trying new cuisines and immersing herself in new cultures. She is also a huge family person and loves spending time with them. 

Teresita Dela Cruz


Teresita, nicknamed Lana- is working as Special Ed teacher for over 10 years. She initially grew up in Philippines and is in US for over 14 years now. She appreciates working with children 7 days a week, literally. Teresita is communicative and fun person, making her sessions interactive and entertaining. “I love my job because it gives me so much joy seeing children learn from me...  especially kids with special needs where I was able to navigate their thoughts even, they are non – verbal”  she quotes. Teresita also loves traveling, she visited 35 states in US in addition to countries in Europe and Asia. Wherever she goes she collects magnets and postcards.

Diane Klein

Physical Therapist

We are proud to employ Diane as an Early Intervention Physical Therapist. Diane brings forward more the 35 years of professional experience with pediatrics!  She is passionate about working with children and changing their lives. Since the start of her career after she graduated from NYU, she has worked in the NYC Board of Education, NYU Rusk institute for Pediatrics and has owned her private practice.  Her happy clients are the best proof of the devotion and care she delivers.   Aside from her work life, Diane is an Avid runner and Marathoner.

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