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A Message from our Therapy Director

A Message from Lynn Williams, Early Intervention Therapy Director

How White Glove’s Early Intervention transforms the lives of hundreds of children with special needs is admirable, yet surprising to no one! In this short 60-second video, Lynn Williams, Director at White Glove Early Intervention shares some insight on the steadfast mission behind our program enabling the awing success we witness daily!

Prefer reading? Here’s the transcript.

Hello! Welcome! My name is Lynn Williams, Director at the White Glove Early Intervention and Therapy Program.

We take pride in our mission to provide the best service possible, by keeping a family centered approach, listening, and individualizing the program for every child in the comfort of their home.

Currently, our services are in the five boroughs, Nassau County, and Westchester, but we are always expanding to reach more hearts and help shape the future with care.

The incredible success of our program lies in our dynamic team of providers – Speech Therapists, Special Instructors, Occupational Therapists, and Physical Therapists. Our dedicated staffing coordinators are here to support you at every step alongside your journey to progress.

Whether you’re a parent or provider, we invite you to join us at our White Glove Early Intervention Program to experience being part of a caring family, promoting unbelievable progress every day.

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